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5 New shows on Hulu in September 2022

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  • Posted on 03rd Sep, 2022 13:39 PM

We have a list of the new Hulu movies and shows arriving in September 2022 including The Wedding season!

There are many new shows scheduled for a premiere on Hulu in September. The Patient is one of the recently added shows to the streaming service. The 10-episode psychological thriller by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg debuted its first two episodes on FX on Hulu on August 30, 2022.

The new series stars Domhnall Gleeson as Sam Fortner, a new patient of Alan Strauss who turns out to be a serial killer, and Steve Carrell as Alan Strauss, a therapist who is grieving the recent loss of his wife and facing his own problems.

In order to help him control his murderous drive to kill anyone he finds insulting, Sam plans to kidnap Alan and keep him tied in the basement of his home. See some of the additional new shows on this list, some of which will debut on Hulu in September 2022.

Here are the 5 shows coming to Hulu this month:

1) Tell Me Lies

The upcoming Hulu original series Tell Me Lies is based on Carola Lovering's best-selling 2018 book of the same name. The show's creator and executive producer are Meaghan Oppenheimer and Emma Roberts, respectively.

The TV show will follow a young woman named Lucy Albright (played by Grace Van Patten) and a fascinating man named Stephen DeMarco in a tangled, contemporary love story (played by Jackson White).

The two struck up a romance after meeting on their college campus. Over the period of eight years, the relationship will be followed as it evolves, becoming stormy and obsessive.

Tell Me Lies is expected to be tense and intense. There are a lot of murky secrets that are about to be disclosed in what seems to be a dark and fascinating love story. On September 7, the first three episodes of the series will be released, and all further episodes will air once a week.

2) Monarch

Monarch, a new show on Hulu that will debut on September 11, was created by Melissa London Hilfers.

As the reigning Queen of Country Music Dottie Cantrell Roman (played by Susan Sarandon) and her husband Albie Roman (played by Trace Adkins) have built a country music dynasty, and the Roman family will be the subject of the multigenerational musical drama.

However, when the fundamental basis of their success is exposed as a fraud, their fame is put in jeopardy. Along with her brothers Luke and Gigi Roman, their daughter Nicolette "Nicky" Roman (played by Anna Friel) tries to preserve the Roman family's reputation while pursuing her own fame.

The program will explore the country music industry while including aspects from Yellowstone, Succession, and other prime-time soap operas.

3) Wedding Season

Action comedy and romantic thriller are combined in the upcoming Hulu program Wedding Season. The program is scheduled to debut on September 8.

The story, which was created by Oliver Lyttelton, centers on a love triangle between American Katie (Rosa Salazar), who is already engaged to Hugo Delaney, and British Stefan (Gavin Drea), who is a stranger. When the entire Delaney family is discovered poisoned and died after the wedding reception, Katie and Hugo's wedding goes horribly wrong.

Naturally, Katie and Stefan are at the center of the murder investigation. The genre-defying whodunit series will incorporate elements of romance, dark comedy, mystery, and adventure.

4) Reboot

Another planned new program on Hulu is called Reboot. The comedic series, which Steven Levitan created, will debut on September 20.

This new program considers the possibility of modernizing a well-liked sitcom from the 2000s. When a new writer proposes a remake of their show, the dysfunctional ensemble of the early 2000s classic family sitcom Step Right Up must deal with their unsolved issues and navigate social media cancel-culture.

A fantastic cast led by Keegan Michael-Key, Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville, and Calum Worthy supports the humorous premise. Levitan's first program since his smash hit Modern Family is expected to be both humorous and thought-provoking.

5) The Rookie: Feds

The Rookie: Feds, a brand-new Hulu program, will debut on September 27. The program is an offshoot of Alexi Hawley's ABC police procedural crime drama The Rookie.

The main character of the show is Simone Clark, who joined the FBI Academy at the age of 48 after a lengthy career in education and will be portrayed by Niecy Nash.

When Simone was asked for help by the FBI's Los Angeles branch when one of her former students was charged with terrorism in the fourth season of the original series, the character was first presented.

Frankie Faison plays Christopher "Cutty" Clark in The Rookie: Feds, and Felix Solis plays Special Agent Matthew Garza.

It helps to have a surefire hit as the leaves start to change and the streaming calendar shifts to autumn. And Hulu has just that with their selection of fresh releases for September 2022. The Dark Knight, Fight Club, and The Social Network will be added to the streamer's collection on September 1, while The Last Duel will be added on September 14.

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