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All the easy ways to treat your feet to a soothing pedicure this summer

All the easy ways to treat your feet to a soothing pedicure this summer Image
  • Posted on 02nd Apr, 2022 13:30 PM

Can't get yourself to say happy feet is the best? Here's how to glam it up and get rid of summer troubles.

Some of us conveniently forget to give our feet the much-needed TLC. It so deserves an Oscar of sorts for barely creeping us out with all that summer puts it through. Tanned, sweaty, and parched skin can make it rough, dull, and accumulate intense gunk. To keep your toes in a happy and healthy state of mind, follow these tips at home and give it all the pick-me-up that's due for the season. 

Steps to get pedicure right: 

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1) Do you have nail colours on your digits? Soak a cotton pad with the nail polish remover to cleanse it all. 
2) Soak your feet in a warm tub of water. Add bath salts and keep your feet put for about 20 minutes as this can soften the skin and nails. 
3) Get started with exfoliation. Pick up a foot file, and a coffee/ oatmeal scrub and run it gently below your heels and on spots where you see dry skin. 
4) Clip your nails. Now that your skin is super soft, trim it neatly with nail clippers. 
5) Choose a nail file to shape the trimmed edges. 
6) Use cuticle oil and apply it to all your nail beds. This step helps in keeping your nails away from bacteria and glowing. 
7) Smear lotion and leave no spot unattended. From your soles to ankles, give it all the attention possible. 
8) Apply a base coat as it can be the protective layer your nails need before you put on nail colours. Now, follow it up with the hue of your choice, double coat it if need be, and let your nails pop. 

Summer care for your feet: 

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Exfoliate your feet at least twice every week. Wash off the daily dirt gathered up on your feet as soon as you get back home, you can use a bathing bar or a shampoo. Wipe it dry and pamper it up with a soothing moisturiser. Apply sunscreen every day as sunshine leaves no sole alone. This can prevent it from getting tanned. Try to avoid stomping around without your shoes on as this can dirty your feet up without much difficulty. Opt for footwear that comes with a peep-toe, and avoid sealing up your feet inside shoes and socks for longer durations of time to prevent them from getting sweaty. Whip up DIY chemical-free masks to free your skin from dirt, dryness, rashes, and lack of glow. 


What does your pedicure routine look like? Share some tips with us in the comments below. 

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