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Box Office: Brahmastra sells 1 lakh tickets for opening day, 2 lakh for weekend: Competing with Sanju

Box Office: Brahmastra sells 1 lakh tickets for opening day, 2 lakh for weekend: Competing with Sanju Image
  • Posted on 05th Sep, 2022 17:39 PM

Brahmastra is recording better trend in the advance booking than Ranbir Kapoor's previous blockbuster, Sanju. The film is set to take an excellent start at the box office on September 9. Read detailed report.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s Brahmastra has clocked the biggest advance in the pandemic period already and this is with 3 days yet left for the film’s release. The Ayan Mukerji directorial has sold a little under 1 lakh tickets in the three national chains, PVR, Inox and Cinepolis, for the opening day. As of 9 pm data, the film at 92,000 ticket sales is marginally lower than RRR (1.05 Lakh tickets) and Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 (1.03 Lakh tickets) and by the time of article going live, it would have come closer to the 1 lakh mark. By morning it will zoom past the two films to clock the second biggest advance of 2022 after KGF 2 (4.11 Lakh tickets).  In terms of nett and gross collections, the film has already gone past both RRR and Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, as the multiplexes have gone ahead with blockbuster pricing for Brahmastra.

By Tuesday noon, it will zoom past 83 (1.17 Lakh tickets) to record the biggest advance of the pandemic times for an outright Hindi film and then begin it’s journey to chase the bigger pre-pandemic fishes like Mission Mangal (2.71 lakh tickets), Tiger Zinda Hai (2.76 Lakh tickets), Sanju (2.94 Lakh), Dangal (3.05 Lakh) and Sultan (3.10 Lakh). The final advance of Brahmastra will be one of the highest of all time and then it will be the merit of the content that will determine the journey of the film from September 9.  Talking of the advance booking for the opening weekend, Brahmastra has sold approximately 1 lakh 92 thousand tickets in the three national chains.

These are simply phenomenal figures, and if we compare apples to apples, the response to the advance is much better than Ranbir’s last bumper opener, Sanju. The Rajkumar Hirani directorial had sold 1.08 lakh tickets in the three national chains by Wednesday morning and for Brahmastra, this number will be breached by Tuesday morning.

Sanju (Wednesday Morning) vs Brahmastra (Monday Night)

PVR: 55,000 vs 49,000

Inox: 30,000 vs 28,000

Cinepolis: 23,000 vs 15,000

Total: 1,08,000 vs 92,000

As seen above, Brahmastra is seeing a better momentum than Sanju at the moment and it should go past the Sanju figures of Wednesday morning by Tuesday noon. The good news for Brahmastra also lies in the fact that the film has formidable advances for Saturday and Sunday too, and with a positive talk, sky will be the limit for jump over the weekend. It is releasing on around 5000 screens in India and hence, there is enough potential to grow even after a bumper start on Friday. The advance numbers so far are comparable to pre-pandemic blockbusters like Tiger Zinda Hai and Sanju, and if the spots are as good as those films, we might see a historic 35 crore opening. We can say with certainty that these numbers are achievable if the audience talk is positive and all eyes are now on Ayan to deliver on the content front. While the talk was in the range of Rs 18 to 22 crore till Saturday, it's rising by the day and the day one biz can now be anywhere between Rs 25 to Rs 35 crore depending on word of mouth and spot bookings.

On the number front, the three chains have clocked an advance of Rs 2.75 crore nett and a gross of Rs 3.25 crore for the opening day. As far as weekend is concerned, the film has clocked a sale of Rs 5.75 crore amounting to a gross total of Rs 6.80 crore. To note, these are just the figures from the national chains and the all India business is equally good as the film has clocked good advance even in the non-national chains. The 2D version will open from tomorrow and this should give another boost to the advance booking status of Brahmastra as there is a large section of audience who prefer to experience cinema in 2D. The hope is on the film to continue with the momentum in the 2D version as well. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla as we would bring some updates on the status of Brahmastra in 2D from tomorrow.

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Box Office: Brahmastra sells 1 lakh tickets for opening day, 2 lakh for weekend: Competing with Sanju View Story

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