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Ways to implement feng shui in your dining room

Ways to implement feng shui in your dining room Image
  • Posted on 05th Sep, 2022 12:09 PM

Listed below are three ways to apply feng shui to your dining area.

A fantastic chat precedes every delicious meal and the majority of us eat in our dining areas every day. The dining room represents family peace according to feng shui. It serves as a symbol of your relations and ties to the community because it is where we come together to celebrate and eat food. You could actively increase the good feelings and energy in your dining area by following a few straightforward Feng Shui techniques. By putting these feng shui principles into practice, you may help create hopeful chi that will enrich your life with money and strengthen your relationships with your family.

Have a look at these 3 feng shui techniques that you may use in your dining room to create a cosy and comforting environment.

wall colour

1. Focus on wall colour

The ideal tones for your dining area, according to feng shui, provide a tranquil atmosphere for a delightful eating experience. Use pastel or neutral colours in the dining area's decor to promote chi. The optimal colour scheme is one colour for large surfaces like walls. Consider the earthy tones and hues that are connected to cooking and eating. Yellow, pastel hues, light woods, tan, sandy, and green can all be examples of this.

2. Make use of mirrors and lightning

Lighting needs to be gentle and peaceful when it comes to feng shui design. To change the appeal of the environment as needed, add mood lighting to a consistent level of illumination. The light can also be softened by a mirror. Select your favourite mirror and place it in a spot where it will reflect the tabletop and whatever that is on it.

round dining table

3. Picking the right dining table

Feng shui practitioners employ a variety of tactics to change the energy in an area, including shape. To encourage a particular energy that you'd like to foster, you can consciously just choose the layout of your dining room table. Round edges are preferred in Feng Shui because they allow energy to move more freely rather than cut edges. The energy flow can be disrupted by sharp corners, which can lead to stress and occasionally disputes. 

If you want to deliberately attract a certain type of vibe, you can also add fresh blooms or a fruit-filled bowl. Without having to paint the walls or buy new furniture, this is a fantastic way to incorporate color and feng shui into your dining room. 

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