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Weekly Love Horoscope Sept 4-10, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus

Weekly Love Horoscope Sept 4-10, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus Image
  • Posted on 05th Sep, 2022 04:39 AM

Let us find out your weekly love horoscope with Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.

Having been stuck in generic Sun Sign prediction but never understood why, because emotions are depicted by Moon Sign. In love, we seek the VENUS SIGN & we take on the role of RISING SIGN. So Just Google your VENUS SIGN along with Moon SIGN to connect better. Let us find out more with Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.


Single- there is a new shift happening at a quick speed where you need to preserve your strength and sweetness to keep going.
Relationship: the smallest of moments can be life-changing, a new gate of trust is being open and trying to be optimistic.
Complicated- An incredibly fast and in all directions including backwards are coming to a new form, just stay spontaneity.
Song- Sammi mere waar
Shopping Color- Purple

Single- your poise is enough to bring any of your opposers to knees just with your smiles, so don’t lose confidence and know you are valuable.
Relationship- just know your richness and abundant blessings are coming your way, just know what you want shall be yours if you ask for It.
Complicated- the charm within you is brightening and shining to reflect happiness is right around the corner.
Song- Na main Alam
Shopping Color- Black

Single luck seems to be on your side and brings forward a new stage in your life and positive affirmations may also help.
Relationship- happiness arises from within your heart and that would set you free from any past traumas or disturbances in past.
Complicated- even the smallest box can hold the biggest surprises and know you can evoke hugely positive energies.
Song- Bamb aagya
Shopping colour- Aqua
Single- you may be asked to take quick decisions and make sure to say Yes to the coming situations and know it would take you forward in your journey.
Relationship- A spiritual guide for rapid growth and accelerated development happens to bring you more closely than before. 
Complicated- It's time to remind you that when the time is right a lot can happen very quickly and try to keep a positive perspective.
Song- Summer high
Shopping Colour- Yellow
single- sensitivity can also be a positive trait as knowing when to set boundaries and knowing just to focus on good aspects.
Relationship- this time can be stunningly beautiful and if you see butterflies this week, means it's time to take things forward.
Complicated- turn to the light even if you feel worried and feel restless within, just try new activity or hobby.  
Song- Toxic
Shopping colour- Black
Single-loving messages are shown for you as your creative soul aspires you take a new passion such as painting, swimming or yoga. 
Relationship- newfound healing Is shown to bring forward the healing and light within your relationship to bring stability to it.
Complicated- Inner voice through the darkness of night will get you soon out of this turmoil and when you feel energised when happy.
Song- Shyaam aan baso
Shopping colour- Green
Single- you feel grounded and feel comfortable within your own skin and that’s what makes you so content within yourself., so learn to be happy.
Relationship- Practicality can at times also make the relationship stronger and help you overcome any difficulty in the long run.  
Complicated- you carry the power of being grounded and connected to the energies of earth and you shall soon be feeling relieved.
Song- Loser
Shopping Color- Blue
Single- wisdom brings about a new change in your perspective and helps you feel relieved from any upcoming challenges. 
Relationship- pay attention to your inner knowledge and a lot of secrets shall also be revealed in near future.
Complicated- you are on a steadfast pace and maintain it to skilfully come out of the dark moments.
Song- Audi Audi
Shopping colour- Grey
Single pleasure is all around you though need to take a rest and observe it to enjoy the good times.
Relationship- you need to learn to overcome negativity in the relationship and get rid of it, chanting the shiv-shakti mantra will also help.
Complicated- divine beauty is there all around you and needs to understand it to appreciate the good times, just know you are worthy.
Song- Pasoori
Colour- brown
Single- a lot of inspirations are attached to you, just need to bring it out and feel graceful again.
Relationship- open your heart to divine inspiration and protection from any evil eye from people around you.
Complicated- pure-hearted and powerful intentions let you know that you are on the right track 
Song- Mirza
Colour- Red

Single- Abundantly you are provided with many choices in your career and personal life but required you to choose wisely and not hastily.
Relationship- a strong and confident approach shall help you recreate the good memories and sensuous money too  
Complicated- Centring yourself can help you make more balanced and help you make better choices.
shopping colour- Wine
Single- Pace yourself accordingly and help to choose what matters for you really as you connect with yourself through meditation
Relationship: Commitment helps to connect and later turn into a pro creation stage and feel to take things to next level.
Complicated- you may have been feeling awkward and out of place for a while but know not for long and many sacrifices have taken to get where you are, so make it worthy of your time.
Song- Thanks a lot
Shopping colour- Golden

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