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Jeon Jong Seo, Jin Sun Kyu and Jang Ryul share a disastrous relationship in 2018Bargain2019 trailer and poster

TVING released the first teaser and poster for the upcoming thriller drama 2018Bargain2019.

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Kim Woo Bin, Kim So Yeon, Kang Ha Neul to be presenters at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards; Full list inside

The star studded lineup of award presenters at the Baeksang Arts Awards 2022 is here.

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2018My Name2019 star Chang Ryul to star alongside Jin Sun Kyu and Jeon Jong Seo in TVING2019s 2018Ransom2019

After confirming his role in Sungjae starrer 2018Gold Spoon2019, Chang Ryul is all set to star in the TVING2019s upcoming thriller series.

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