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SM Entertainment CONFIRMS Red Velvet2019s Seulgi making a solo debut in October

Let2019s spread the word, Reveluvs!

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Fashion Faceoff: TWICE2019s Nayeon or Red Velvet2019s Seulgi; Who wore it better?

Take our poll and share your personal favourite with us!

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Red Velvet2019s Seulgi contracts COVID-19; All scheduled activities to be cancelled

SM Entertainment confirmed that Red Velvet2019s Seulgi has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Read ahead to know more.

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Red Velvet2019s Joy and Seulgi exude royalty and femininity in new concept photos for upcoming album

SM Entertainment unveiled individual concept teasers for Red Velvet2019s latest comeback 2018The ReVe Festival 2022 2013 Feel My Rhythm2019.

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